KDXplore User Guide

KDXplore is a desktop-based Java framework for individually licensed plug-ins produced either by DArT or 3rd parties. These plug-ins are focused on applications for plant breeding, genetics, and biological sciences. KDXplore’s pre-packaged plug-ins provided by DArT can help with activities such as trial management, trial design, data curation, and visualisation of data.

It can also be used as a standalone application, away from the office, intranet, or internet as depicted in the following illustration. Our web application, KDManage can perform many of the activities of the KDXplore plug-ins however, KDXplore allows these activities to be performed offline. Generally network access is only required when data needs to be uploaded or downloaded from KDDart storage using a network, however this is completely dependent upon your situation and configuration requirements.

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As an application, KDxplore forms an integral part of a bigger Integrated KDDart Platform as per the following figure:

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The following image demonstrates the typical trial workflow with the KDDart platform and how KDXplore fits into that workflow:

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Why Use KDXplore?

Whilst KDSmart can be used on its own using CSV files for data transfer, there may be a need to upscale to multiple KDSmart devices and larger trials. Using KDXplore benefits the user by improving data management and handling.

KDXplore provides a framework for various plug-ins that come included. Some of these features and benefits of these plug-ins are:

  • Work more efficiently and productively with trial and nursery data offline;

  • Design trial layouts;

  • Search and view data stored in a KDDart database;

  • Visualisation tools to assist with data exploration, review, and curation;

  • Management of multiple KDSmart devices and datasets;

  • Barcode production for printing to use with KDSmart barcode scoring; and

  • Flexible data transfer solutions inluding uploading to a KDDart database.

What Now?

You can be given access to KDXplore by emailing kdxplore@diversityarrays.com and requesting a copy.

See the Getting Started page for information about how to install and use KDXplore.

You can also email us if you have any questions or feedback on KDXplore and any of the plug-ins that are provided. As the KDXplore framework will be released as open source, we would love to hear from anyone looking to develop their own plug-ins.

More Information

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This documentation is a growing resource which will be expanded as software developments occur and further content is added.