KDXplore Documentation

KDXplore Version and Modules

KDXplore employs a modular architecture which facilitates modular or plugin additions to extend it’s functionality. The Trial Manager may be thought of as providing the base level tools to manage Trial, Trait and Tag data. Using modules or plugins allows easier configuration and customisation of different tools to suit a variety of user requirements.

Depending on the configuration of KDXplore modules that are currently added to KDXplore appear as buttons in the middle of the main window, as highlighted in the following image.

Select a module to navigate to it. Navigating to another module will not impact anything in the current module.

Where modules appear in KDXplore, and how to navigate between them
KDXplore Main Window with Module Buttons Highlighted (select to zoom)

The following table lists the modules available for KDXplore and their release status.

KDXplore Module Availability - March 2018
Module Button Version Description
Trial Manager trial_manager_btn Production Phenotypic data management (offline/online), curation, QA/QC, data exploration/visualisation, Trait management.
Seed Preparation and Harvest trial_manager_harv_inv_btn Beta Trial planting and Harvest management, record keeping, inventory management.
GenXplore gen_explore_btn Beta Genotype/specimen search and inspection, parentage exploration and visualisation (tree), cross designer.
Inventory inventory_btn Alpha In depth Inventory, Genotype and Specimen relationship exploration.
Trial Design trial_design_btn Beta Design of Trials, automated or manual.
Nursery Design nursery_design_btn Alpha Design of Nurseries, automated or manual.

The base version KDXplore, version 1.1.10 illustrated, contains the Trial Manager module, listed on left with modules, which is explained in the following sections.

When KDXplore is started the welcome screen will display as in the following illustration:

Initial KDXplore Welcome Screen
Initial KDXplore Welcome Screen (select to zoom)

KDXplore Alpha/Beta Versions

Alpha and Beta distributions of KDXplore have an expiry date. Thus when a new version of a Alpha/Beta distribution of KDXplore is released it should be downloaded to continue use.


KDXplore cannot be opened following the expiry date and will present the following dialog.
The database will persist untouched even if the version of KDXplore expires.

KDXplore expiry dialog
KDXplore Expiry Message (select to zoom)

Updating KDXplore

When a new version of KDXplore has been released an update dialog will be displayed on startup of KDXplore. In this dialog, the update version, update link, Help link and update information is displayed.

Note: Updating KDXplore will not effect the KDXplore database’s on the machine in any way; all data on the machine will persist through to the next version.

Update Dialog When KDXplore Version Has Expired
Update Dialog When KDXplore Version Has Expired (select to zoom)

KDXplore can also check for updates at any time manually by clicking the main “File” menu and selecting the “Check for Updates” option.

How to manually check for updates in KDXplore
Manual Check For Updates