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The KDXplore application operates ‘standalone’, away from the office, Intranet or Internet as depicted in the following illustration. Generally network access is only required when trial/nursery data needs to be uploaded or downloaded from KDDart storage using a network, however this is completely dependant upon your situation and configuration requirements.

KDDart Application Network Dependency (select to zoom)

As an application it forms an integral part of a bigger Integrated KDDart Platform. See the following illustration (Select image to enlarge):

KDDart System Design Principles - Integrated Platform (select to zoom)

The following suggested topics provide a brief overview of KDXplore and the KDDart environment:

For more information on the KDDart Platform, other applications and DArT please explore the following websites:

This documentation is a growing resource which will be expanded as software developments occur and further content is added.

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