KDXplore/KDSmart Example Files

KDXplore/KDSmart Example Files


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  • The term Trial also refers to Nurseries.

This page contains links to example files that will assist with both learning and getting started using KDSmart and KDXplore. As a resource, you can use these files as templates for replacing with your own data (Trials, Traits or Tags) which can then be imported into KDSmart or KDXplore.


  • In KDSmart your own terminology may be used to define Plot, Column and Row - See Settings from the main KDSmart window or menu.
  • From these example files choose one most similar to your Trial’s organisation, e.g. using Col and Row, Block IDs, Sub-Plots, etc.
  • The example files can be used as boilerplates by editing and substituting your own data.
  • In conjunction to looking at the sample files visiting the Transfers page is recommended for more information concerning loading data from CSV files.

Column and Row Trial

This example file contains a Column and Row Trial.

For this type of Trial the combination of Column and Row is unique for every plot in the Trial.

To download select: KDSXsample1_Normal_Trial_X_Y.csv

KDSmart Column and Row Trial Example (select to zoom)

Traits File

Select to download the Traits example file: KDSXsample3_wheat-traits.csv

Note: Traits loaded from CSV without a defined Datatype will default to TEXT.

Trait attributes that can be loaded in the file are described in the following table:

Trait Attributes - CSV Column Headings and Descriptions
(CSV Column Name)
TraitName Must be unique and short for display in the Scoring screen where space is limited on smaller devices (i.e. Phones).
TraitAlias An alternative Trait name, useful when the Trait name is too long for the screen.
TraitDescription This is an optional longer explanation of the Trait to assist in data entry.

Constrains permitted values of Traits. Types available are:

  • DATE;
  • DECIMAL; or
  • TEXT (default).

For more details refer to Trait Data Types in the Traits topic.

TraitUnit An arbitrary term for the unit of the Trait to assist with what value to enter when scoring (e.g. Do I enter the measurement in ‘millimeters’ or ‘centimeters’).
TraitValidation The Validation rule optionally restricts the values being entered. The nature of the rule is dependent upon the selection of Data Type.
Barcode Used to identify the Trait when using a barcode scanner for scoring.

More information about Traits can be found on the Traits help page.

Tags File

The following is a Tags example file containing a Tag and description.

Select to download: KDSXsample2_tags.csv

An additional Tags example is provided below Trial Containing Sub-Plot Tags which contains Sub-Plot data Tags.

The following table shows the required and optional headings for a CSV file.

Heading Alternatives Mandatory Description
Label TagLabel, Comment Yes Name of the Tag e.g. BD for bird damage
Description TagDescription, Desc, CommentDescription Yes Tag description
DatabaseLabelId LabelId, Id No Useful for cross-reference to the originating database

Plot Id Trial

In this example Plot ID is unique for every plot in the Trial.

Select to download: KDSXsample4_demo_trial_plot_id.csv

KDSmart Plot Id Trial Example (select to zoom)

Block Trial

Block Trial where the combination of Block, Column, Row is unique for every plot within the Trial.

Select to download: KDSXsample5_Block_Plots_Right.csv

KDSmart Block Trial Example (select to zoom)

Excel Workbook Example Format

If you are creating CSV files for import into KDSmart the following Excel workbook may be useful:

Select to download: KDSmart_CSV_Import_Format.xlsx .

Sub-Plot Data Examples

The following examples illustrate different ways of importing Sub-Plot data.

Trial With Sub-Plot Data For a Particular Sub-Plot

Trial with Sub-Plot data for a particular Sub-Plot.

The first three plots in this example file have values for the Trait Plant_Height for Sub-Plot 2.

Select to download: KDSXsample6_Specimen_Value_particular_subplot.csv

Trial with Sub-Plot Data For a Particular Sub-Plot and Trait Instance

This example file contains the first three plots with values for:

  • The Trait Plant_Height: Instances 1 and 2; and
  • Sub-plots 1 and 2.

Select to download: KDSXsample7_Specimen_value_particular_subplot_and_instance.csv

Trial with Sub-Plot Data For All Sub-Plots

Trial has number of Sub-Plots specified by Sub-Plot Count and contains data for every Sub-plot. This example file contains the first three plots with values for:

  • The Trait Plant_Height: Instances 1 and 2; and
  • All Sub-Plots.

Select to download: KDSXsample8_Specimen_Count_and_data_for_every_subplot.csv

Trial Containing Sub-Plot Tags

This example Trial illustrates importing Tags to the Sub-Plot level.


  • This feature is only available from version 3.0.
  • If a new Tag is being created with this Trial import it will not have a description. If this is an issue, import (i.e. create) the Tags first by importing using a Tag definition file (see above Tags File).
  • This Trial has no Traits.
  • To import, at the import window the Tags, be sure to select Import As Trait for Plot for the Tags#1, Tags#2 and Tags#* rows in the import window.

This is a Trial example file containing some Sub-Plot Tags

Select to download: KDSXsample9_wheat-with-data.csv