KDXplore Curation Overview

Main Curation Window

KDXplore Curation Window Components

Selecting Plots in the HeatMap shows them in the SamplesTable and vice-versa.

Selection of data points in a ScatterPlot or a region of a BoxPlot will also select the corresponding rows in the SamplesTable. This is done by clicking the mouse and dragging in these tools.

circle2 The selected Plots also show as coloured markers next to the table’s scroll-bar.
circle3 The Plot Type can be selected in the HeatMap and is drawn with a “cross” overlay in the HeatMap.

Inactive or “De-activated” Plots are drawn with a diagonal overlay in both the HeatMap and the SamplesTable (and also the main FieldView).

You can hide the Inactive Plots by using the “Hide Inactive Plots” checkbox in the heading above the SamplesTable.


Curating Data Example

Field Overview

The Field Overview is activated using the icon in the top left corner of the FieldView.

The following table describes the different symbols which show the status of each Plot:

(blank) No Plot fieldoverview
U22A0 Deactivated Plot
U00B7 No Trait Instance selected
U2338 Value is from Database
U25CC Not yet curated (click to see value)
U25C9 Curated (click to see value)
U25CE Curated value set as MISSING
U25C7 Curated value set as NA
U02b1c No measurements available
? or - Internal Error (please report)
  • Blue rectangle indicates the visible part of main FieldView
  • Blue shaded Plots are those that were selected in the FieldView or Sample Table.
  • Click on a Plot to show current value (the Plot marked with red)
  • Double-click a Plot to move FieldView to show that Plot
  • The dropdown at the top of the Overview is the same as Trait dropdown
  • In FieldView as changing it causes the “active” Trait to be changed.