KDXplore preference settings appear contextually throughout the general user interface of KDXplore in each plug-in. However, there is also a Preferences Window that contains options for all of KDXplore. To access the Preferences Window in KDXplore, select the File Menu and then the preferences Preferences Button as seen in the image below:

Navigating to the Preferences Window

The Preferences Window (as seen in the below image) will be displayed.

Preferences Window

Preferences Window

KDXplore preferences are organised in a hierarchy, where preferences are grouped based on general KDXplore preferences, or preferences for specific plug-ins. Sub-groups exist within these groups to further organise preferences such as barcode and UI sub-groups within the general KDXplore preferences.

Preference Sub-Groups

Navigating the Preferences Window




Select the +/- Button next to a preference group as seen in circle1 to expand/collapse the group. Double-clicking will perform the same action.


Sub-groups applicable to a plug-in will now be visible. Selecting a sub-group (circle1) displays the preferences within that sub-group as seen at circle2 in the above image.


Further expanding the sub-group structure will present the preferences. Selecting a preference (as seen below in circle4) will display controls in circle5 for altering the selected preference. In the example below a colour preference has been selected.


Change the preference to whatever is needed and then select the confirm_btn Confirm Button to confirm the preference change.

Editing a Preference

Resetting to Default

KDXplore preferences can also be reset to the default settings. This can be done by selecting the Reset Button as seen in circle1 on any of the preferences that have been changed.

Resetting Preferences to Default