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    DAL reference

This page contains links to the reference guide for DAL RESTful services. It is divided into nine groups of system calls - each relevant to a broad topic covered by the system design.

Each reference guide will open in a new tab.


API calls related to:

  • Users;
  • Groups;
  • Entity extensions;
  • Login, Logout;
  • Search; and
  • Status methods.

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General configuration calls for:

  • Projects;
  • Organisations;
  • Contacts;
  • Storage locations;
  • Device register; and
  • Barcoding definitions.

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Calls related to:

  • General system dictionaries;
  • Lists of traits;
  • Treatments and breeding methods;
  • Keywords;
  • Definitions of data units; and
  • Unit conversions.

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All API calls related to:

  • Genus;
  • Genotypes (Germplasm);
  • Genotype pedigree
  • Specimens with pedigree information; and
  • Specimen grouping.

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Calls related to:

  • Sites and Experiments - including experimental design;
  • Phenotypic data;
  • Events;
  • Workflows; and
  • Multilocation groups.

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All calls for:

  • Samples inventory;
  • Grouping and structuring inventory items; and
  • Storage location assignment.

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Calls related to:

  • DNA samples;
  • Sample sets;
  • Groupings;
  • Management of marker datasets; and
  • Maps - genetic or physical.

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All calls related to:

  • Geolocated data (generic layer and attribute definitions); and
  • Spatial or spatio-temporal data management.

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Not classified or 'other' calls related to:

  • Multimedia management;
  • Data permission settings;
  • System help, etc.

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