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    Introduction to the KDCompute application

KDCompute is a web application and platform that provides capability to conduct efficient and extensible data analysis within a secure, customisable and cooperative plugin framework.

Using your own or supplied algorithms, KDCompute can conduct analytical, imputation or data processing tasks efficiently leaving your computer free to perform other tasks.

Installation of special software is not needed on your workstation/laptop/tablet; Only a web browser and network connection to your KDDart database. Tasks and workloads of multiple users are managed by the server component.

Unless there is a specific need, data extraction is not required with KDCompute as data and analytics are integrated via the Data Access Layer API accessing your trial data in the KDDart repository.

KDCompute Key Objectives

Extensible Algorithms can easily be added to ('plugged in') and evolve and be refined within your KDCompute installation
Integrated data and analytics Data stored within KDDart is available for the user to easily conduct analysis without the need to extract, copy, manipulate and process.
Usability Simple to select an algorithm for processing, enter the required parameters for that algorithm, starting processing and retrieving the results.

Efficient for the deployment of KDCompute, creation and deployment of new algorithms and efficient use of resources when executing long running processes.

Flexibility KDCompute works with KDDart database(s) and also data files (algorithm dependent)
Secure and Stable
  • KDCompute uses the inherent granular security of the KDDart database layer that ensures data is protected and only available to those with permission;
  • Once developed algorithms stored in KDCompute are protected which ensures consistency and stability of operation.


Users who only need to execute algorithms do not need to delve into any technical detail with KDCompute.

Accessing KDCompute from a web browser, a user can easily perform some analysis or operation by locating the required algorithm, enter any parameters and responses then start it running. The illustration shows an algorithm waiting for input and once mandatory fields are complete the task or job can be submitted for processing.

KDCompute Algorithm Window

An algorithm will commence processing when resources are available and notify the user when completed. Then results may be retrieved from the respective folder within KDCompute.

Secure and Stable

The inbuilt security of KDDart protects your data and privacy. To use KDCompute you must first login and select a user group, if you are assigned to multiple groups. Depending upon your site configuration, your user group will determine the data and algorithms you can access.

To illustrate you may have access to several algorithms, however your access permissions will determine what data you can process. This is similar to general workplace computing practices.

Along with security KDDart and KDCompute offers stability. Stability is via the:

  • Platform - The data within the KDDart environment is protected
  • Algorithms - Algorithms cannot accidentally be altered.
With stability comes the confidence that analysis results can be repeated with less likelihood of accidentally introducing change.


Algorithms within KDCompute are essentially 'programs' written to undertake specific tasks, such as data analysis, data conversion or manipulation and data upload/download.

'Technical users' can develop algorithms to perform specific tasks.

'Analyst users' usually only need to execute the algorithms and may not require intimate knowledge of it's workings.

KDCompute provides the environment to control, execute and manage these algorithms, which become available for multiple users accessing the same KDDart database. When creating an algorithm and it's interface any instructions necessary for other users to successfully employ the algorithm can and should be provided.


KDCompute can be efficiently managed as, operating within the web browser, it does not require any special software to be installed on user's workstations.

Algorithms often involve long running, intensive processing especially when dealing with large data sets - a processing role KDCompute is especially designed for.

Algorithms are executed on a server which can be configured and tuned to perform this role with more processing power and memory resources than the user's workstation. Typically this is a much more cost effective solution.

The user's workstation is free to perform other tasks and can monitor the progress of any long running analysis jobs.

More Information

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