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    KDDart Data Access Layer

Glossary of basic Technical or IT terms which are used accross the system.

Technical Glossary

Note: Within the documentation:

  • KDDart consists of several relational databases, however the term record is used instead of the conventional relational term row.
  • URL is used instead of URI (e.g. base URL).

The following technical terms are used within this site:

Term Description
API Application Programming Interface - A category or type of software forming a 'layer' which facilitates standardisation, ease of use and faster development/maintenance.
base URL An aspect of RESTful web APIs and refers to the base URL for the site, for example:
Base URL = “”
CSV Comma Separated Values - A widely used simple text format for transferring data
GeoJSON Geographic JavaScript Object Notation - An independent and 'open' format for encoding geographic and geometric information
GUI Graphical User Interface - A feature that DAL does not have as it is an API
HMAC Hash-based Message Authentication Code
JSON JavaScript Object Notation - A lightweight, easy to parse, self describing and platform independent text exchange format
LCol Location Column within KDDart used for storing location or GIS data
MCol Multiple Value Column within KDDart
REST REpresentational State Transfer - A client and server web architectural style of development for distributed systems, prominent amongst web API solutions.
SaaS Software as a Service - A form of deploying software and functionality, typically in a thin client manner through a web browser
Static Column or SCol Static Columns are native database fields within KDDart
Virtual Column or VCol A type of field within KDDart attached to a table that behaves in a similar manner as a native or 'static' table column.
Virtual Columns are configurable as part of KDDart customisation and installation to specific client requirements.
Properties that can be configured include attributes such as Mandatory or Optional and field types may be integer, float or string.