KDSmart User Guide


A PDF version of this KDSmart User Guide is now available for download at http://www.kddart.org/help/

Welcome to the KDSmart application user guides. This user guide provides comprehensive information on KDSmart, out data collection application. Navigate this help by using the left hand menu and return to this page using the logo at the top left. Some sections of this help are also available as on-board help within the KDSmart application.

KDSmart is available for standalone use however, it forms an integral part of a bigger Integrated KDDart Platform as seen in the following image:

KDDart System Design Principles - Integrated Platform (select to zoom)

See the video below for more information on the KDDart platform and how KDSmart fits within it:

Both KDSmart and KDXplore can operate remotely, away from office networks and the internet as shown in the “KDDart Application Network Dependency” illustration.

KDDart Application Network Dependency (select to zoom)

These images will help you gain a basic understanding of the platform and how KDSmart fits within the breeding cycle before getting started. The “Example of the Trial Data Workflow” illustration depicts a simple trial data workflow for KDDart, however look to the centre of the illustration to see KDSmart and KDXplore’s role in the workflow:

Example of the Trial Data Workflow (select to zoom)

KDSmart is available for free from the Google Play Store at the following link:
KDSmart also supports Android 4.4 Kit Kat (Android SDK 19) and above as the minimum.

Before diving into details we strongly suggest taking a look at two brief overviews:

For more information please explore the following websites:

For KDSmart tutorials (along with tutorials for our other applications), please see the KDDart Tutorials page.


We are constantly improving KDSmart and welcome any feedback or queries. You can contact us by email at kdsmart@diversityarrays.com if you want to get in touch.