Tutorial Videos

The following videos are the KDDart Quick Guide series which are short, instructional videos to help users get started with KDDart applications.

Adding Trials from CSV to KDXplore

Adding Trials from KDDart to KDXplore

Adding Trials from Google Drive to KDXplore

Creating a Scoring Set in KDXplore

Exporting a Scoring Set from KDXplore to Google Drive

KDSmart Tour

Importing a Scoring Set from Google Drive to KDSmart

Opening a Trial in KDSmart

Scoring a Trial in KDSmart

Auto-Advance Scoring in KDSmart

Creating a Categorical Other Trait

Adding Categorical Other Traits to a Trial

Scoring Categorical Other Traits

Selecting a Block for Scoring

Scoring a Trial in Field Scoring View

Bulk Scoring in Field Scoring View