The following terms are used within the KDDart platform:

Photos/video captured from the devices camera, audio from the microphone or file(s) uploaded and attached.
Collection Order
The way of progressing or walking through a Trial or area in which data is to be collected.
Days Since Planting
Ability to enter a date (i.e. by selecting ‘Today’) which is automatically converted to the number of days since planting, e.g. for recording anthesis.
Trials contain multiple ‘plots’ - areas, spaces or even pots, uniquely identified by a PlotID or by CoOrdinate (Column/Row Id) pairs, or both.
The single ‘unit’ or ‘entity’ under investigation and refers to a sub-plot or an individual. Multiple specimens can be scored within a Plot and not all specimens need to be scored.
Shorthand labels to enable quick annotation of a specimen from a preset selection list.
The phenotypic characteristic being monitored or scored for each Plot or Specimen (e.g. Height, colour, etc.).
Trial or Nursery
This refers to a Study, Experiment, Nursery, Project, etc. Multiple Trials may be loaded into KDSmart.