Getting Started

This page introduces to the following topics:

Logging Into KDsens

The first page displayed when accessing KDSens is the login page (illustrated below with the left menu expanded):

KDSens login page with menu displayed (Select to zoom)

To log into KDSens:

  1. Enter your valid user name and your password into the appropriate fields (highlighted above at circle1).
  2. Select the LOGIN button.

Once login is successful, the ‘Dashboard’ will be displayed.


The Dashboard page is the default, or home, location for KDSens.


In later versions of KDSens this page will be user configurable allowing the display of:

  • Visualisations of current devices and measurements; and
  • Display of warnings and sensors exceeding thresholds for some measurement.
The KDSens Dashboard (Select to zoom)

User Controls

All pages in KDSens display a menu button in the top right corner, highlighted below at circle1. Selecting this button will display a menu for (from left to right):

  • Logging Out;
  • Group Switching; and
  • Settings.
KDSens universal page - showing the right menu controls expanded (Select to zoom)

Menu Buttons (from left to right of screen above)
Button Description
logout-btn Logging Out To log out of KDSens.
group-btn Group Switching Changes or switches the logged in user to another user group, applicable if the user is assigned to multiple group memberships.
settings-btn Settings Displays the settings page.