KDCompute User GuideΒΆ

Welcome to the KDCompute application user guides.
Navigate this help using the left-hand menu. This help is also available from within the KDCompute application.

KDCompute is a web application and platform that provides capability to conduct efficient and extensible data analysis within a secure, customisable and cooperative plugin framework.

Using your own or supplied algorithms, KDCompute can conduct analytical, imputation or data processing tasks efficiently leaving your computer free to perform other tasks.

Installation of special software is not needed on your workstation/laptop/tablet; Only a web browser and network connection to your KDDart database. Tasks and workloads of multiple users are managed by the server component.

Unless there is a specific need, data extraction is not required with KDCompute as data and analytics are integrated via the Data Access Layer API accessing your trial data in the KDDart repository.

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