KDXplore Seed Preparation


This Module Is In Alpha

To start Seed Preparation, from the KDXplore Trial Manager window, select a Trial to work with then the Seed Preparation button seed_prep. This will display the Seed Preparation Wizard.

Item Retrieval Step in Seed Preparation

Item Retrieval Step in Seed Preparation


Seed Preparation functionality contained within KDXplore has the following main design features:

  • Agnostic in regards to the units of measurement;
  • Designed to be a generic tool sitting above your existing organisation work flows for planting trials/experiments;
  • Provide a flexible structure to assist, not hinder, in reducing errors when preparing for planting;
  • Designed for use with devices such as barcode scanners and weighing tools (i.e. bluetooth scales);
  • Provide a wizard for preparing planting materials for trials/experiments; and
  • Facilitate less experienced operators by reducing the reliance on memory of the process.

The Seed Preparation workflow in KDXplore is divided into four main steps which are:

  1. Item Retrieval;
  2. Item Transferral;
  3. Item Validation; and
  4. KDDart Upload.

These are described in detail in following sections.


To display the wizard, in Trial Manager select a Trial, then select the Seed Preparation button seed_prep.

The wizard displays the four steps of Seed Preparation which can be displayed or hidden by selecting each step heading. These provide a brief description and basic example for each step.

Navigation through the wizard is performed by the Next and Previous buttons
located at the foot of the window.

Wizard Preferences are displayed above these buttons which include:

  • Warn if Item amount below nn (i.e. ‘20’ which could be grams, seeds, kernels, etc.);
  • Display Progress: Step/Total/None;
  • Automatically allocate Destination Items to Plots;
  • Barcodes are available for Source Items;
  • Barcodes are available for Destination Items; and
  • Skip this step next time.

Step 1 - Item Retrieval

The Item Retrieval Step is where known Source Items are chosen for the specimens in your Trial. In this step you can see the currently selected Specimens for planting in each plot. The available Items and Item amounts for each of these Specimens can also be seen. Items can be refreshed and Specimens changed at any point in this step if required.

Source items chosen for each Specimen in this step will be transferred in the next step for planting. A potential guide to follow is:

  1. Review Plot Specimens
  2. Review Source Items for each Specimen
  3. Select Source Items for each Specimen
  4. Proceed to the next step

To complete: Choose a Source Item for each Specimen shown in the left Table.

Step 2 - Item Transferral

Item Transferal Step is where the Source Items selected Previously are Weighed into more manageable amounts and placed in new containers for Planting (e.g. Envelopes)

These Resulting new Items are referred to as Destination Items

Destination Items can be created by Merging, Splitting, or just simply Transferring Source Items chosen in the previous step.”

Destination Items created for each Specimen in this step will be Validated to their Plot in the next step for planting.

A potential guide to follow in this process is:

  • Review Source Items (These should have been retrieved from storage);
  • Transfer some amount of Source Items to new Container;
  • Weight new container (Destination Item);
  • Repeat for each Source Item selected in previous step
  • Proceed to the next step;

To Complete: Create a new Destination Item for planting for each Specimen from Source Items previously chosen.

Step 3 - Item Validation Step

The Item Validation Step is where the barcodes for the destination item created in step two are printed and placed with their respective Planting container and the Trial unit’s barcode.

When this is completed the Barcodes for the destination item and respective Trial units are scanned in sequence to validate the container for planting. Barcoded containers are packaged and validated in this step for planting.

A potential guide to follow in this process is:

  1. Choose how your Trial is traversed (This will change the planting order);
  2. Scan the destination item’s barcode for the first destination item in the list;
  3. Scan that destination items respective barcode;
  4. Place both barcodes with the destination items;
  5. Repeat for each Trial unit in your Trial; and
  6. Proceed to the next step.

To complete: Scan the destination item barcodes followed by respective Trial unit Barcodes in the chosen order for all Trial units.

Step 4 - KDDart Upload Step

In this workflow step the changes or actions performed in previous steps are visibile for review before being uploaded to your KDDart database. These are the:

  • Items chosen for planting;
  • Items created;
  • Item amounts remaining; and
  • Item location or item status.

Changes that occurred in previous steps can be double checked before they are pushed to KDDart for planting.

A potential guide to follow in this process is:

  • Review Trial unit Specimens were planted correctly;
  • Review that the Source item amounts remaining for each Specimen are correct; and
  • Review any Location or status changes to Items are correct (missing/destroyed/NA).

Review all changes made and update/upload changes to Kddart by selecting the update button.