KDXplore Inventory


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The KDXplore Inventory module provides users with a means to locate and quantify items or germplasm which represent planting or harvest material - e.g. a seed bag.

This can be performed by exploring the relationship between Genotype, Specimen and Items in KDDart. For example, the user (knowing a Genotype ID) can query KDDart for all associated Specimens, then view the associated material that is available in storage.


Inventory functionality contained within KDXplore has the following main design features:

  • Ability to assist with checking if a number of germplasm (which might be planned to use in a Trial) have sufficient material for planting.
  • Ability to explore associated Specimens for a Genotype object in KDDart.
  • Find the storage location(s) of certain material for a Specimen or Genotype.
Inventory Utility search screen

Inventory Utility search screen

General Workflow

General Inventory Workflow
Step Description
Enter the Genotype or Specimen Id
Choose from the selection list the available materials to view
Query and present in a tabular form Item data, and Storage data for selected entities.