KDXplore Harvest


This Module Is In Alpha



The Harvest module in KDXplore helps to facilitate the harvest process in Nursery Trials. It aims to do this with as little impact to an organisation’s workflow as possible.


Some advantages of the Harvest module/plugin are the:

  • Ability to work offline facilitates use in the field or storehouse, only requiring an Internet connection for the final upload step;
  • Agnostic to organism;
  • Agnostic to units of measurement;
  • Flexibly designed to fit on top of or supplement an organisation’s previous harvest workflow;
  • Allows potentially inexperienced users to direct the process safely;
  • Adds a layer of digital book keeping to previously defined harvest work flows;
  • Easily select naming conventions from a customisable list for newly created Specimen/Genotypes; and
  • Attempts to automatically generate Pedigree’s from KDDart’s genealogy data, which are then editable.
Starting screen of the Harvest wizard

Starting screen of the Harvest wizard

General Workflow - Nursery Harvest

Nursery Harvest Workflow
Step Description
Field Item Retrieval Defining which Plots/Specimens were harvested (with KDSmart).
Naming and Coding Applying customisable ontology conventions to new Specimen/Genotypes and Pedigree’s.
Generating new Genotypes Creating new associated Genotype DB Items with newly generated Pedigree’s.
Item Transferral Weighing/measuring the harvested material (for inventory), supplemented by the device server tool.
Storage Validation Validating where the harvest material will be sent, and allocating it there in KDDart.
KDDart upload Uploading all changes to KDDart, setting the Trial to ‘Harvested’. Checks for conflicts before this